Review battery Lenovo P780

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Review battery Lenovo P780

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Review battery Lenovo P780

The most “hot” feature of Lenovo P780 smartphone is its super large battery at 4000mAh capacity.

Now, we are going to take a look at how well a 4000mAh battery performs over a range of tests

We use Battery Analyzer of Cadex to test this battery:

Model Chemistry Capacity on label (mAh) Real capacity (mAh) Remark
Lenovo P780 Li-ion              4,000mAh             3,920mAh  98% ( good)

The real capacity of this phone is very Good !

Some results for reference:

Result of P780-1

Relation of Ampe, Volt, Temperature, Impedance

P780 chart resize




 Battery analyzer, Battery tester provided by LIDINCO





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