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DC Power Supplies Twintex TP1303EC – Taiwan

Introduction The TP1000EC series are low-cost linear DC power supplies with 1 channels, 90W to 180W output. In constant voltage and current operations, the power supply provides high regulation and low ripple & noise. There is coarse and fine control adjustment for voltage and current. The TP1000EC series are widely used in applications of powering operational amplifier, push pull stages, logic circuit and definition systems.


  • Constant voltage and constant current operations
  • High efficiency, light and compact design
  •  High power density
  • Over load and reverse polarity protections
  • Dual-color two digital panel meters
Constant voltage Operation
Load regulation ≤0.01%+3mV
Line regulation ≤0.02%+5mV (I>3A), ≤0.01%+3mV (I≤3A)
Ripple & Noise ≤2mV rms
Temperature co-efficient ≤300ppm/℃
Recovery time ≤100us (50% load change, minimum load 0.5A)
Constant current operation
Load regulation ≤0.2%+3mA
Line regulation ≤0.2%+3mA
Temperature co-efficient ≤500ppm/℃
Meter 3 digits LED display
Resolution 100mV/10mA
Accuracy Voltage ±(0.5% reading+2digits)
Current ±(0.1% reading+2digits)
Protection Over load and reverse polarity protections
Power source AC110V/220V ±10% selectable, 50/60Hz
Operating environment 0℃~40℃, <80%
Storage environment -10℃~70℃, <80%
  • Power cord ×1
  • Operation manual ×1
  • Test lead ×1