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Micsig C&DC Current Probes CP2100B

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The CP2100 series is a current probe that can measure both DC and AC. It adopts split design and has small and beautiful appearance.

It uses a standard BNC interface and is suitable for oscilloscopes.

It can also be used for multimeters via connector. The maximum current can be measured to 100Apk (70Arms) ; it has 2 models: CP2100A and CP2100B, CP2100A can measure bandwidth to DC 800KHz,CP2100B can measure bandwidth to DC 2.5MHz; 2 optional measuring ranges: 10A and 100A.

Automatic and manual zero adjustment, powered by USB, no additional power supply, making measurementmore convenient.

Often used in motor drives, industrial frequency, inverters, power supplies, avionics and other fields.


Model          CP2100A
Bandwidth DC~800KHz DC~2.5MHz
Rise Time ≤437.5ns ≤140ns
Ranges 10A/100 10A/100A
Outp sensitivity 0.1V/A (10A)0.01V/A (100A) 0.1V/A (10A)0.01V/A (100A)
DC accuracy(typical)
3%±50mA (10A)4%±50mA(100A,500mA~40Apk)


3%±50mA (10A)4%±50mA(100A,500mA~40Apk)


Singnal delay
<150ns(10A)<200ns(100A) <150ns(10A)<200ns(100A)
Current measurement range
50mA~10Apk(10A)1A~100Apk(100A) 50mA~10Apk(10A)1A~100Apk(100A)
Maximum measurable current 100Apk,70.7Arms(DC+ACpk)200Apk-pk,70.7Arms(AC) 100Apk,70.7Arms(DC+ACpk)200Apk-pk,70.7Arms(AC)
Maximum working voltage CAT  Ⅲ 300V CAT Ⅱ 600V CAT  Ⅲ 300V CAT Ⅱ 600V
Maximum float voltage CAT  Ⅲ 300V CAT Ⅱ 600V CAT  Ⅲ 300V CAT Ⅱ 600V
Maximum conductor Diameter 13mm 13mm
Overload indication The buzzer beeping,the button light flashing The buzzer beeping,the button light flashing
Power supply DC5V DC5V

Probe CP2100B x1

Cable USB x1