Máy mài phẳng dạng ngang EHG Series

Horizontal Grinding Machines for Advanced Material Wafers

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  EHG Series
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The Engis EHG Horizontal Grinding machines are the perfect companion when back-thinning or preparing wafers such as sapphire, silicon carbide and gallium nitride. These unique systems are designed to economically surface grind, as well as back-side grind, LED wafers to the highest level of flatness and surface finish, saving time and labor costs.

Key Features
• PLC Based 12” Touch Screen Control Panel

• Independent Control of Grinding Wheel and Work
Piece Rotation
• Fixed or Oscillating Grinding Wheel Function
• Automatic Tool Wear Compensation
• Automatic Measuring and Thickness Control
• Data Management Capable

Additional Benefits
• User friendly set-up
• Easy wheel changing
• Rapid stock removal
• Increased throughput
• Compatible with 24” lapping machine