GPS-over-Fiber (GPSoF)

GPS-over-Fiber (GPSoF)

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GPS-over-Fiber (GPSoF)

The standard GPS-over-Fiber (GPSoF) modules are available as a single port transmitter with a choice of  single or 4 port receiver modules and make use of the L1 Band. Other bands (such as L2) are available upon request. With a frequency range of more than 1.5 GHz, GPS-over-Fiber products are very well suited to a number of antenna remoting, signal distribution and other high-tech applications in challenging environments such as mines, subways, special-purpose vehicles and offshoring infrastructures.



RF-over-Fiber (RFoF)
3 GHzRFoF1 (TRM)85073883
 RFoF3 (TRM)85071065
 RFoF6 (TRM)85071066
 RFoF1 (TX)85073881
 RFoF1 (RX)85073882
 RFoF6 (TX)85071061
 RFoF6 (RX)85071062
 RFoF12 (TX)85071063
 RFoF12 (RX)85071064
6 GHzRFoF3 (TRM)85071630
 RFoF6 (TRM)85071631
 RFoF6 LN (TX)85074581
 RFoF6 LN (RX)85074578
 RFoF6 (TX)85065392
 RFoF6 (RX)85065393
 RFoF12 (TX)85065394
 RFoF12 (RX)85065395
GPS-over-Fiber GPS-over-Fiber (GPSoF)
L1GPSoF1 (TX)85065409
 GPSoF1 (RX)85065397
 GPSoF4 (RX)85065809
L1+L2GPSoF1 (TX)85072905
 GPSoF1 (RX)85072906
 GPSoF4 (RX)85072907
GPS Antennas
L1-LowGPS Antenna85073712
L1-LHighGPS Antenna85073713
L1+L2GPS Antenna85073714
Time & Frequency Standard (TFS)
1PPS & 10 MHzTFS1.1085072918
LAN-over-Fiber LAN-over-Fiber (LANoF)
1 GpbsLANoF185072917


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