PAM Demodulator

Digital Communication Technology

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Digital Communication Technology” discusses all topics of digital signal processing. Additionally attention is payed to the realisation and function of a fiber optic transmission system. Emphasis is laid upon the applications of PCM technology, e.g.: transmission of voice signals with real telephones, sound cards, CD-player etc.


  • Caracteristics of pulse carriers
  • Generation of PAM
  • PAM (natural)
  • PAM (S&H)
  • PAM spectrum
  • Over sampling / under sampling
  • Aliasing
  • Shannon theorem
  • Pulse code modulation (PCM)
  • Quantization linear and nonlinear
  • Compression / expanding
  • Code errors
  • Time division multiplexing (TDM)
  • Synchronization
  • Quantization noise
  • Difference pulse code modulation (DPCM)
  • Optical signal transmission
  • Signal transmission by wire (coaxial line / two-wire line)
  • Simplex / duplex communication


  • Transmission of voice (requieres external signals as CD player, telephones etc.)
  • Linear and nonlinear quantization and the influence on the quality of voice
  • Duplex communication- Digital Communication Technology as well as external signal sources)


  – Modulator PAM (2x)

– Modulator PCM (2x)

– Clock generator

– Demodulator PAM (2x)

– Demodulator PCM (2x)

Signal sources, inputs and outputs

  – Signal source, sinewave 1 kHz

– Signal source, sinewave 2 kHz

– RJ12 socket with hybrid circuit

– Input /output for external signal sources

– Optical transmitter

– Optical receiver

– Optical fiber with connectors, 3 m


The course can be combined with other didactical systems from our product range as T 7.4.8 Radio Links by microwaves or T 7.2.6 Optical Communication.