Máy cấp nguồn đa năng TP2303E 30V 3A

DC Power supply Twintex TP2303E, 02 out put, 30V/3A


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  12 months
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DC Power supply Twintex TP 2303E, 02 out put, 30V/3A

★ Two independent adjustable outputs 0~30V/0~3A/5A x2
★ Constant voltage and constant current operations
★ Low ripple and noise, low temperature drift
★ Auto Series and Parallel tracking operations
★ High efficiency, high power density
★ Over load and reverse polarity protections
★ Dual-color four digital panel meters

Model TP-2303E TP-2305E
Output 0~30V/0~3A x2 0~30V/0~5A x2
Constant voltage operation
Line regulation ≤0.01%+3mV
Load regulation ≤0.01%+3mV ≤0.02%+5mV
Ripple & Noise ≤1mVrms ≤2mVrms
Constant current operation
Line regulation ≤0.2%+3mA
Load regulation ≤0.2%+3mA ≤0.2%+5mA
Ripple & Noise ≤3mArms ≤6mArms
Tracking operation
Parallel Line regulation ≤0.01%+3mV
Load regulation ≤0.01%+3mV ≤0.02%+5mV
Series Line regulation ≤0.01%+5mV
Load regulation ≤300mV
Tracking error ≤0.5%+10mV of the master, no load (with load, add load regulation≤300mV)
Voltmeter 3 digits LED display
Ammeter 3 digits LED display
Resolution 100mV/10mA
Accuracy Voltage ±(0.5% reading+2digits)
Current ±(1% reading+2digits)
Protection Over load and reverse polarity protections
Power source AC110V, AC220V or AC110V/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Operating environment 0℃~40℃, ≤80%RH
Storage environment -10℃~70℃, ≤70%RH

Accessories: Power cord x1, Operation manual x1, Test lead x1