Static Converter Drive with DC Machines

DC motor control

  • Description


The experiments are carried out using DC machines of industrial manufacture. The power is supplied to the machine under test via a thyristor speed controller.


  • Protective measures and electrical safety
  • Setting up variable speed DC drives and putting them into operation
  • Assessment of control response

The equipment set is suitable both for student experiments in a lab using low voltage (400 V three-phase) and on a mobile trolley for demonstrations by teachers in a classroom. The experiment procedures are contained in a printed manual.

The target group is made up of commercial apprentices and students of electrical machine construction. The course offers experiments at an intermediate level and also allows for the necessary insight into machine behaviour for scientific interpretation at undergraduate level.


  • Automatic control of multi-quadrant drive
  • Introduction to the requirements
  • Analysis of controlled systems
  • Analysis of actuating static converters
  • Optimisation of the current control loop
  • Recording of armature circuit constants
  • Adaptation of current controller
  • Adjustment of current limiting
  • Optimisation of speed control loop
  • Putting thyristor speed control in the first quadrant into operation
  • Setting of DC chopper and inverter stability limits
  • Recording of static converter control characteristic
  • Determination of armature circuit constants
  • Recording of the transient function of the controlled variable, armature current
  • Recording of the transient function of the controlled variable, armature current, with and without adaptive controller
  • Switchover of static converters
  • Setting current limiting
  • Determination of the integral-action coefficient for the drive
  • Determination of the transient of the controlled variable, speed
  • Recording a switching diagram