Máy kiểm tra điện áp chịu đựng TongHui TH9110Máy kiểm tra điện áp chịu đựng TongHui TH9110
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Withstand Voltager Tester Tonghui TH9110

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  12 months
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– High power: AC 5kV/100mA/500VA output
– ACR detection function
– Contact check function (OSC)
– Breakdown voltage test function
– One-key screen capture function
– One-key recording function
– Rear panel output function to facilitate automated production line testing
– Storage: 100 files, up to 50 steps per file
– High resolution: 7 inch 800 x 480 dots, TFT-LCD display
– Brand new operation interface, Chinese and English menu
– High-level security
– High-Voltage floating output design, in line with the safety requirements of EU standards EN50191 (only TH9110)
– Electric shock protection function


Model TH9110 TH9110A
Withstand Voltage Test
Output Voltage AC 0.05 – 5kV             Load Variance:1%         Accuracy:1%       Resolution: 2V
DC 0.05 – 6kV             Load Variance:1%         Accuracy:1%       Resolution: 2V
Current Test Range AC 0.001mA – 120mA(Voltage≤4kV);0.001mA – 100mA(Voltage>4kV) Accuracy:1%        Resolution:1μA  
DC 0.0001mA – 25mA               Accuracy:1%        Resolution:0.1 μA
Output Power 500VA
Insulation Resistance Test
Output Voltage : 0.05 – 5kV       Resolution:2V           Accuracy:1% of set value + 0.1% full scale
Resistance Test Range 1MΩ-50.0GΩ           Resolution:0.1MΩ
Discharge Function Automatic discharge after the end of the test
ARC Detection AC 1mA – 20mA
DC 1mA – 10mA
Contact Check Function OSC open and short:600Hz, 0.1s
Security Features
High Voltage Floating Output Leakage current <3 mA ——
Electric Shock Protection 0.5mA ±0.25mA
Other Protection Start protection, panel operation password protection
Alarm Indication PASS: short tone, green light; FAIL: long tone, red light
Memory groups, 50 steps per group
General Parameters
Voltage Rise Time 0.1s — 999.9s
Test Time Setting(AC/DC) 0.3s — 999s
Voltage Fall Time 0.1s — 999.9s
Waiting Time (IR) 0.2s — 999.9s
Time Accuracy ±(1%+0.1s)