Wireless 2 Axis Accelerometer GTI-220 Generation 3

Wireless 2 Axis Accelerometer GTI-220 Generation 3Wireless 2 Axis Accelerometer GTI-220 Generation 3
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Wireless 2 Axis Accelerometer GTI-220 Generation 3

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Description GTI-220 generation 3

Our generation 3 GTI-220 is the first and only wireless bi-axis accelerometer on the market. The automatically activated external channel can connect a tachometer for balancing applications or an additional sensor for phase measurement. GTI has optimized the 220 ergonomics enabling the user to easily move the sensor from machine to machine. The generation 3 is more compact than its predecessor allowing deployment in tight, hard to reach spaces. Waterproof quattro gaskets alongside rugged construction meet the safety requirements of explosion proof applications. Despite imitators, the GTI 220 maintains your total vibration measurement supremacy

Wireless 2 Axis Accelerometer GTI-220 Generation 3

Features of wireless 2 axis accelerometer GTI-220

• Works out of the box with all existing apps
• Supports tachometer for balancing
• Supports 2nd accelerometer for apps that require it
• 30 day standby battery, with 12 hours of continuous use
• Easily swappable low cost battery and/ or rechargeable replacements


Benefits of GTI’S wireless system

• Safety: Separate the accelerometer from the iPad to measure assets in dangerous areas.
• Convenience: No more dealing with wires, connectors and other hassles.
• Universal Support: Out of the box support for any computer that has vibration analysis, balancing or other related software. Both internal accelerometer and external input channel work across multiple devices with appropriate software.
• Balancing: GTI’s wireless accelerometer was designed from day one to support a tachometer to enable wireless balancing. Every unit is capable of balancing, even if the balancing upgrade wasn’t purchased initially.

Wireless 2 Axis Accelerometer GTI-220 Generation 3 -1


• Battery type: CR123 lithium
• Physical size (without magnetic base): 52mm height, 64mm width, 63mm length (including connector protrusion)
• External sensor input connector: M12 male
• External input sensor excitation voltage: 3.3V
• Internal/external channels: >110dB dynamic range
• Power input voltage: 5V through IP67 style mini USB-B connector
• Case Ingress Protection: IP65
• Sampling rate: 44,100 sps or 48,000 sps (host device dependent)
• Operating Temperature range: -65 to +185°F
• Range: ± 20g / ± 200g ms2
• Mounting: 1/4”-28 female thread
• Base Material: Stainless steel
• Case Construction: Glass filled polyamide
• Button Material: Glass filled polyamide
• Button Indicator Color: Red
• Button Ingress Protection: IP67
• No Latency
• Wireless Spectrum: 2.4 GHz
• Analog Digital Conversion Rate: 44,100/48,000 sps

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