Vibration Meter Data Logger | Vibration Sentry E-200g

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Vibration Meter Data Logger | Vibration Sentry E-200g

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Vibration Sentry E-200g

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Product Description

The Vibration Meter Data Logger – Vibration Sentry E-200g is a new generation of smart data logger that can record acceleration, inclination, vibration and impacts. It includes a 3-axis +-200g MEMS accelerometer, an accurate date/time clock and a non-volatile 128 Mb recording memory. Depending on the settings it can record vibration signals and/or RMS levels for months. Its very small size allows it to be attached to or embedded within the monitored equipment.

The Vibration Meter Data Logger – Vibration Sentry E-200g is an all digital design with an integrated oscilloscope function that can show the vibration signals in real time, and an integrated spectral analyzer function that shows a 512-line spectrum in real time. It is self-calibrated using the earth’s gravity as a reference. An auto-rec feature allows the instrument to stay dormant for months, only recording when the acceleration signals are detected over an adjustable threshold.

The Vibration Sentry E includes the following features:

  • A visual alarm on acceleration threshold.
  • A timer that allows the instrument to start the Record or the AutoRec mode at a specified date and time.
  • A new AutoRec implementation that performs the triggering in software with much greater precision. The new trigger provides at least 80 ms of pre-trig data.
  • Management of Time Zones at the instrument level.
  • Settings are retained through a reset.

The Vibration Sentry E series of vibration meter data logger is ideal to monitor shipments in transit and record adverse events such as shocks, high vibration levels and/or tilt. installation setup wizard is provided to automatically and effortlessly setup the instrument for shipping applications.

The Vibration Meter Data Logger – Vibration Sentry E includes the following models:

  • VS_E-16g: +-16g dynamic range with a 128Mb memory
  • VS_E-200g: +-200g dynamic range with a 128Mb memory

Vibration Meter Data Logger Applications

  • Monitoring of operation and transport conditions of fragile equipment (VS_E-200g recommended).
  • Long-term measurement and recording of accelerations, impacts, vibration signals and RMS vibration levels. The VS_E-200g is generally better suited to shock and other high-g measurement applications.
  • Continuous monitoring of machinery wear.
  • Long-Term Seismic Monitoring and Long term inclination monitoring (VS_E-16g recommended).


Number of axes 3
Acceleration Sensor MEMS 3-axes
Dynamic Range +-200g
Bandwidth High Limit Adjustable up to 1.6 kHz (@ 3.2 kHz Sampling Rate)
Bandwidth Low Limit DC (High-Pass Filter Bypass), Adjustable from 10 mHz to Fs/2 (High-Pass Filter On)
Noise-Floor X-Y Axes (Typical) -30 dBg (31 mg RMS) @ 100 Hz Sampling Rate, -18 dBg (125 mg RMS) @ 3.2 kHz Sampling Rate
Connectivity USB
Measurements Raw Acceleration (g or m/s2), Min, Max and Avg Acceleration values (g or m/s2), Inclinations, Min, Max and Avg RMS Vibration level (linear or dB, g or m/s2)
Duty Rate of Signal Capture 100% – No Missed Samples
Spectral Display 3-Axes 512-point Power Spectrum – dB or Lin Scale
Modes of Operation Idle (Micro-Power), USB-Connected (Active), Recording, Auto-Rec (Idle when no activity / Recording while activity is present)
Calibration Self-Calibration using the earth’s gravity as a reference
Battery Type Integral Li-Poly – USB-Rechargeable
Recharge Time 2 h 30 (Typical)
Battery Autonomy (Full-Charge) Up to one year while in Idle, 300 H to 6000 H while recording, depending on settings
Battery Life > 300 Charge/Discharge Cycles
Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Recording Memory Non-Volatile Flash Memory
Recording Memory Capacity (E128 Models) 128 Mb, (Ex: can continuously record single-axis raw signals for 42 min @ 3.2 kHz Sampling Rate), (Ex: can continuously record 3-axes full-statistics levels at 1s intervals for 10 days), (Ex: can continuously record 3-axes full statistics levels a 1min intervals for 2 years)
Recording/Erasure Cycles Greater than 100 000
Data Retention Greater than 20 Years
Dimensions 7.62 x 3.94 x 2.06 cm, (3” x 1.55” x 0.81”)
Construction Integrally Potted Weather-Proof ABS Enclosure