Thiết bị kiểm tra chất lượng biến áp TongHui TH2832XBThiết bị kiểm tra chất lượng biến áp TongHui TH2832XB
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Tonghui TH2832XB Automatic Transformer Test System

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  12 months
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Performance Characteristics

– Number of test PIN: 24
– Frequency: 20Hz-200kHz, 15025 points
– Signal Level: 10mV-2Vrms, 100μA – 20mArms | 20mV-1Vrms, 200μA – 10mArms
– Test speed: max. 40ms
– 4.3 inch TFT LCD Display
– Brand new interface design
– Built-in 0 – ±5V/50mA bias source
– TH2832XA: LCR + transformer test system
– TH2832XB: transformer test system
– TH2832XC: transformeer test system
– Discrete passive component (L, C, R) mutipass scan test
– Switch transformer scan test
– Network transformer scan test
– Relay drive coil, contact resistance multi-channel scan test
– Multi-channel DCR scan test
– Singel parameter loop test
– Scan fixture relay action times review
– Flexible deviation deduction method
– self-test scanning fixture relays
– Storage: internal: 100 groups of settings file to save, U disk: large capacity of configuration, CSV format test data and GIF format images
– Firmware update through U disk
– Optional PC-level instrument test setup file programming capability
– Parameter setting file is compatibe with TH2829x-24
– RS-232, USB DEVICE interface
– Work with TH1231 24-pin transformer scanning fixture


Model TH2832XB
Number of Test Pin 24
Test Signal Frequency 20Hz-200kHz, 15025 points in total.
Display 4.3 inch TFT LCD 272*480
Transformer Test Parameter Turn ratio, turs, phase, L, C, Lk, Q, ACR, DCR, Balance, Pin short.
LCR Test Parameter No LCR function
Basic Accuracy LCRZ —–
DCR, Turn ratio 0.5%
Signal Source Output Impedance 30Ω, 100Ω selectable.
Test Speed (≥10 kHz) Fast: 40ms, Med: 125ms, Slow: 370ms.
AC Signal Level 10mV – 2Vrms, 100μA – 20mArms.
DC Bias Voltage Source 0V – ± 5V, 0mA –±50mA.
 Comparator Function 10-bin sorting, PASS/FAIL indicator, count function
Memory 100 groups of LCRZ setting file,100 groups of transformer scan set file, 10 groups of gif file.