Thiet bi kiem tra Hipot Test TH301Thiet bi kiem tra Hipot Test TH301
Thiet bi kiem tra Hipot Test TH301AThiet bi kiem tra Hipot Test TH301A

TH9301A Hipot Tester TongHui

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  TH9301, TH9301A, TH9301B
  12 months
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Performane characteristics

  • TH9301: AC/DC withstand voltage/IR tester
  • TH9301A: AC/DC withstand voltage tester
  • TH9301B: AC withstand voltage tester
  • 16×2 character LCD display
  • Rapidly discharging and arc detection
  • Randomly set voltage rising time and testing time
  • Freely set waiting time for insulation resistance
  • Hold 5 testing steps: 4 testing modes selectable
  • Brand new operation interface and concise interface operation design
  • Lock keyboard
  • PLC interface