Precision shaft alignment for Ipad – GTI AlignPro

Precision shaft alignment for Ipad – GTI AlignPro

Precision shaft alignment for Ipad – GTI AlignPro

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GTI Predivtive

GTI AlignPro

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Description of precision shaft alignment

GTI AlignPro is a rugged, reliable and repeatable shaft alignment solution. Designed to operate on the iPad platform, this new offering from GTI Predictive Technology is the perfect addition to any VibePro or reliability maintenance program. GTI AlignPro offers an innovative, step-by-step, responsive interface with live moves, 3D-animations and wide touch screen which simplifies the alignment process and reduces the time it takes to complete each alignment.

Horizontal Alignment
Horizontal Shaft Alignment uses reverse dial method to ensure shaft center lines are co-linear. AlignPro walks the user through simple steps to precision alignment.
Vertical Alignment
Vertical shafts alignment is carried out by moving the machine flange/coupling until the axes are coaxial enough to stay in the assigned limits.
Note! Coupled and Uncoupled Shaft.
Soft foot
Step-by-Step Soft Foot correction. Before any alignment soft foot should be corrected.

Precision shaft alignment for Ipad - GTI AlignPro

Features precision shaft alignment

Zone expantion: Unique technology that reduces the effect of high vibration and competing light sources on precision alignment

Measurement: AlignPro includes industry standard and custom tolerances and compensation for thermal growth and dynamic movement. Ask us about ThermOl2R!

Smart meansurement value filter : Statistically analyzes measurement values and normalizes data collected utilizing a 95% confidence interval to insure the data points used to calculate alignment corrections are representative of the entire dataset. Best used in high vibration areas.

SWITCHIT™ Function: The SwitchIT™ function allows the user to adjust the position of the motor on screen to correspond with the position of the machine in front of them, making it easier to understand adjustment directions.

Saving data: Saves your alignment job and all respective measurements, photos, and details to the database for easy access later.

Integrated reports: Integrated reporting includes As Found, As Left and Soft Foot corrections. Reports can be saved or sent by email. User notes for complete reporting.

Hardware of GTI AlignPro

Precision shaft alignment for Ipad - GTI AlignPro

• Degree of protection IP65
• Operating time 20 Hours
• Operating temperature: 14° F to 140° F
(-10° C to +60° C)
• Detector type Digital CCD detector
• Measurement distance Up to 10m


Based on FLIR Infrared technology, ThemOl2R records offline and running temperatures from the machine baseline to the shaft centerline to calculate thermal growth in the Movable machine and the Stationary machine. After entering distances, the app will calculate thermal growth corrections from hot to cold in the Moveable machine.


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