Power Pack – Micro motor Diprofil

Máy mài nha khoa Marathon HA-700

Power Pack – Micro motor Diprofil

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DPU-3, HA-700

12 months

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Engis offers two Power Packs for the Diprofil range of rotary handpieces and tools.  For the budget minded, the Diprofil DPU-3 is an excellent choice, which offers good performance and excellent reliability at a competitive price.

For those needing greater versatility and torque, the Marathon HA-700 is a heavy-duty electrical Power Pack designed for grinding, finishing and polishing and can be run up to speeds of 50,000 rpm.  The HA-700 is a robust system which can address even the most difficult applications.

 Model DPU-3 Diprofil Power Unit
  • The compact and ergonomic power unit replaces the DPU/2 and is designed for use together with dedicated rotary handpieces and micro-motor driven reciprocating Diprofil polishing/filing machines with carbon brush motors.
  • It has high torque and electrical feedback circuitry.
  • Features include continuously variable speed, forward/reverse switch and automatic overload protection.
  • The DPU-3 is supplied with boot control DPU-3-FC for optional speed adjustment.

    Technical Data
      Input AC 110/220 V at 50/60 Hz
      Output DC 0 – 32 V, 1.2A
      Power Max 100 W
      Weight Power Unit 1.7 kg
      Dimension Power Unit W115 x D147 x H96 mm
      Weight Foot Control 585 g
 Máy mài nha khoa Marathon
 Model HA-700 Marathon Twin Power Unit
  • The Marathon Twin Power Unit features the versatility of powering and controlling carbon brush motors as well as brushless micro-motors (not simultaneously).  
  • The HA-700 offers hand dial variable speed control with digital display, forward/reverse switch and automatic overload protection.
  • Supports brush and brushless type motors.
  • Easy to read digital display showing speed in rpm.
  • Precise rheostat speed dial control from 1,000 to 50,000 rpm.
  • Drives tools with high torque at all speeds for unstoppable power.
  • Error code display function/self-diagnosis system.
  • CAUTION: Be sure to remain within manufacturer’s rpm recommendation for tool.
Technical Data
  Input AC 220/240 V at 50/60 Hz
  Output DC DC 0 – 32, V 1.6A
  Output BLDC BLDC 0 – 32 V, 1.6A
  Power DC Max 185 W
  Power BLDC Max 245 W
  Weight Power Unit 2.9 kg
  Dimensions Power Unit W137 x D232 x H180 mm
  Weight Foot Control 575 g


  Máy mài nha khoa Marathon HA-700