Máy đếm tần đa năng MCP SP3386Máy đếm tần đa năng MCP SP3386
Máy đếm tần đa năng MCP SP3386 – 2Máy đếm tần đa năng MCP SP3386 – 2
Máy đếm tần đa năng MCP SP3386 – 1Máy đếm tần đa năng MCP SP3386 – 1

Multi-Function Counter MCP SP3386

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– High performance 150MHz clock, frequency resolution 9 digits/s, time interval resoulution 7ns
– Apply high performance AVR CPU, LSI and CPLD device, high reliability
– Channel C: 9GHz maximum
– Automatic limit testing for frequency measurement
– Math testing for fequency measurement
– Statistics(include mean, maximum, minimum, delta, rel, PPM, stand deviance, allan variance) for frequency measurement
– Save and store 9 different measurement state setups
– RS232C and Centronics printer interface


Function Measure frequency, time interval(average), period, frequency ratio, totalize,
PW(average), duty cycle(average), self-calibrate and etc
Measure frequency range 0.1mHz~150MHz(Channel A&Channel B)
Extend frequency 100MHz~1.5GHz(Channel B for SP3386V)
Channel C 100MHz~500MHz(SP3386 I)
100MHz~1.5GHz(SP3386 II)
100MHz~2.5GHz(SP3386 III)
100MHz~3GHz(SP3386 IV)
1.5GHz~9GHz(SP3386 V)
Input voltage 30mVrms~1.5Vrms(100MHz below)
Period range 7ns~7000s
Time interval range 20ns~7000s
Phase range 0~360°
PW range ≥20ns, (cycle<100s)
Duty cycle range 1~99%, (cycle<100s)
Measure accuracy ±7×10-9/Gate time(s)
Frequency resolution 9 digits/Gate time(s)
Couple mode ChannelA, B: AC/DC
Channel C:AC
Input impendance 1MΩ/45pF or 50Ω
Totalize capacity 0~1×1012
Time base stability ≤±1×10-8/d
Power supply 110~127VAC±10%/220~240VAC±10%, 50Hz±2Hz/60Hz±2Hz
Dimensions(WxHxD) 255x100x370mm
Weight 2kg