Máy phân tích phổ Keysight N9322C

Spectrum analyzer Keysight N9322C 9 KHz – 7 Ghz

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Spectrum analyzer Keysight N9322C 9 KHz – 7 Ghz


  •   9 kHz to 7 GHz; Optional 7 GHz internal pre-amplifier
  •   Optional 7 GHz tracking generator with built-in VSWR bridge
  •   Optional AM/FM, ASK/FSK demodulation analysis


  •   ±0.3 dB absolute amplitude accuracy
  •   -90 dBc/Hz phase noise at 10 kHz offset, +11 dBm third order intercept (TOI)
  •   -152 dBm displayed average noise level (DANL)
  •   ±0.7 dB frequency response


  •   Keysight’s PowerSuite one-button power measurements: Channel power, OBW, ACPR, SEM (standard); spectrogram (optional)
  •   Channel scanner measures up to 20 channels simultaneously
  •   Reflection measurements include: return loss, insertion loss and distance-to-fault
  •   Time-gated spectrum analysis

Automation and communication interface

  •   USB and LAN connectivity (standard), GPIB interface (optional)
  •   SCPI commands compatible with ESA spectrum analyzers
  •   Supported by Keysight HSA and BSA PC software
Frequency 9 kHz to 7 GHz
Frequency Options 7 GHz
Maximum Analysis Bandwidth 1 MHz
Bandwidth Options 1 MHz
DANL @1 GHz -152 dBm
Phase Noise @1 GHz (10 kHz offset) -90 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @1 GHz (30 kHz offset) -90 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @1 GHz (1 MHz offset) -115 dBc/Hz
Overall Amplitude Accuracy ±0.6 dB
TOI @1 GHz (3rd Order Intercept) +15 dBm
Maximum Dynamic Range 3rd Order @1 GHz 83 dB
Applications-General Purpose
  • AM/FM Tune and Listen
  • Analog Demodulation
  • Cable Fault Location
  • Cable and Antenna Analysis
  • EMI Precompliance
  • Field Strength Measurement
  • SCPI Code Compatibility
  • Spectral Emissions Mask
  • Spectrogram
  • Stimulus Response
Applications-Cellular n/a
Applications-Wireless Connectivity n/a
Applications-Digital Video n/a
Performance Level ◆◇◇◇◇◇
Standard Attenuator Range 50 dB
Standard Attenuator Step 1 dB
Applications Available Yes
Benchtop Yes
  • N9322C-P07 Preamplifier
    7 GHz 
  • N9322C-1CM Rack Mount Kit
    Without handle 
  • N9322C-1CP Rack Mount
    And handle kit 
  • N9322C-1TC Hard Transit Case
  • N9322C-ABA Printed User's Guide
    English language
  • N9322C-AMA AM/FM Demodulation Analysis
  • N9322C-BB1 Baseband Input
  • N9322C-DMA ASK/FSK Demodulation Analysis
  • N9322C-G01 GPIB Interface
  • N9322C-MNT Signal Monitor
    With spectrogram recording and playback 
  • N9322C-PFR Precision Frequency Reference
  • N9322C-PRC Portable Configuration
    Adds rubber handle and bumpers
  • N9322C-PWM USB Power Sensor Support
    U2000 Series
  • N9322C-PWP USB Power Sensor Support
    U2020 X-Series 
  • N9322C-RM7 Reflection Measurement
    Requires opt.TG7 
  • N9322C-SCN Channel Scanner
  • N9322C-SEC Security Features
    Data sanitation and port control
  • N9322C-TG7 Tracking Generator
    7 GHz 
  • N9322C-TMG Time-Gated Spectrum Analysis
  • N9322C-TPN Task Planner
    For test automation
  • N9322C-UK6 Commercial Calibration Certificate
    With test data 
  • BV0000A BenchVue Software
    Compatible with many DMMs, power supplies, function generators, signal analyzers, and oscilloscopes. Allows you to visualize multiple measurements simultaneously. BenchVue is a Free Download. Refer to the BenchVue Info Page for instrument-compatibility list and additional information. 
  • BV0005A BenchVue Spectrum Analyzer Pro Software License
    deep memory capture and unrestricted data logging of screen images and trace data 
  • N9322C-EMC EMI Filters and Quasi-Peak Detector
    For general purpose EMI precompliance test.
    -6 dB. Offers CISPR compliance BW filters and quasi-peak detector with superior DANL performance and competitive sweep speed. AM/FM tune and listen at marker for signal discrimination.