Soldering Stations Solomon SR-976 50W 250 – 480°C

Soldering Stations Solomon SR-976 50W 250 – 480°C


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Soldering Stations Solomon SR-976 50W 250 – 480°C

Auto-Temp SR-976 temperature controlled soldering iron stations are engineered with a highly insulated ceramic heating element. Auto-Temp SR-976 are constructed of high quality materials, workmanship and incorporate the following features;

Fast heating
A 30-second welding!

Fast temper
Large heat volume and fast conduction to the welding nozzle, for fast temper.

Steady temperature control
The themostat sensor is kept in the thermal element,for fast and steady control of temperature.

Optimal insulation
The ceramic thermal element of optimal insulation does not overheat and in the use, the insulation resistance co-efficient remain at over 100M.

Voltage 110/120V AC or 220/240 V AC
Power consumption 50W
Temp.setting range 250°C~480°C
Size Handpiece 203mm
Station L170:W103:H90 (mm)
Weight 870g
Station-Handpiece cordlenght 115 cm
AC Power cord 2pin or 3pin plug 180cm
Packing Measure 8 pcs CUFT 1.77'