Fusion Splicer Aitelong SAT-17M

Máy hàn cáp quang Aitelong SAT-17M

Fusion Splicer Aitelong SAT-17M

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Fusion Splicer Aitelong SAT-17M

Full digital processing technology

10s splicing and 16s heating

200x magnification

Simultaneous XY view, or X/Y view

Multi alignment mode: cladding alignment, core alignment

5000 splicing & electrode discharge results storage

USB interface

3.5″ high resolution color LCD screen

The new gloopy cover with nice appearance provide more dustproof & windproof

Smart menu design, easy operating system

Battery capacity indication and auto power off in low power

4500mAh capacity


Applicable Fibers SM / MM / DS / NZDS / BIF & UBIF (G.657)
Average Loss 0.03dB(SM) / 0.02dB(MM) / 0.06dB(DS) / 0.06dB(NZDS)
Return Loss >60dB
Operating Mode Fully-automatic, Semi-automatic
Typical Splicing Time 10s
Typical Heating Time 16s
Fiber Aligning Core / Clad
Fiber Diameter Cladding: 80~150 um / Coating: 100~1000 um
Cutting Length 10~16mm (Fiber diameter: < 250um); 16mm (Fiber diameter: 250 ~ 1000um
Zoom in X/Y: 310X; XY: 155X
LCD Display High performance 3.5 inch. TFT LCD; 640x480 resolution
Tension Test 2N
Applicable Sleeve 60mm / 40mm / 20mm or etc
Battery Capacity Average: 180 times (Splicing and Heating); Charging time: 3 hours
Battery Life Cycle 300 ~ 500 charge / discharge cycles
Electrode Life Cycle Typical 2500 times
External Data Interface USB
Power Removable battery : 11.1V 4500mAhAC/DC adapter: input: DC13.5V/4.0AOutput: DC13.5V/4.0A
Working Environments Temp: -10 °C ~+50 °C / 14 °F ~122°FHumidity: 95%RH (40 °C / 104 °F, non-condensing)Altitude: 0 ~ 5000M
Dimensions LxWxH = 120x160x60(mm)
Weight 0.85 Kgs (with battery)