Fusion Splicer Aitelong SAT-17B


Fusion Splicer Aitelong SAT-17B

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Fusion Splicer Aitelong SAT-17B

– 9 seconds fusion,30 seconds calefaction time

– Independent display X/Y axial , enlargement factor about 10 times, or Simultaneous observe of X/Y axial, enlargement factor about 150 times

– Fiber magnification and high visibility

– A variety ways of alignment method: core alignment, clad alignment, manual alignment

– 5.6inch colour LED, display digital picture

– User’s friendly, intellective menu design

– Submarine storm shutter

– Ensure the quality of welding at an altitude of 5000 meters


Applicable optical fiber type SM (single module), DS (displacement of chromatic dispersion), NZDS (non-zero displacement of chromatic dispersion),
Image processing mode PAS
Cladding diameter 80 150 m
Coating diameter 100 1000 m
Optical cutting length 8-16mm, coated fiber diameter 250 m. 16mm(standard) or 8-16mm(optional), coated fiber diameter :250 m-1000 m
Average continuous consumption 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS) 0.04dB(NZDS)
Splice time 9 seconds(standard)
Return Loss >60dB
Splice procedure 53 groups plant preset, and 40 groups user-set
Estimates Loss usable
Sequential result storage 4000 groups of new sequential result,
Tension test 2N
Electrodelife 2500times
Mode of calefaction 9 groups plant preset, 24 groups user set, heater temperature can be set
Typical calefaction time 30 second((standard)
Heating-shrink tube 60mm, 40mm and a series of mini-shrink tube
Capacity of lithium battery Continuous and calefaction about 160 times
Ambient condition Power supply Working temperature: 10 50 , Humidity 0 95%(RH),Altitude -5000m AC Input voltage:100 240V, 50/60Hz;output voltage: DC 13.5V/5A,DC:input  voltage 11-14V(inside lithium battery 6600mAh)
Interface USB and VGA
Dimensions W D H 150 x 150 x 135mm
Weight 3.20Kg (include battery)