May kiem tra Hi Pot Tester TongHui TH9320S8AMay kiem tra Hi Pot Tester TongHui TH9320S8A
May kiem tra Hi Pot Tester TongHui TH9320S4AMay kiem tra Hi Pot Tester TongHui TH9320S4A

Hipot tester 8 channel TongHui TH9320S8A

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Brief Introduction

■  TH9320-S series AC/DC withstanding voltage/insulation resistance tester is an economical and intelligent safety tester with the characteristics of small size, light weight, pleasing appearance and easy operation. TH9320-S series can be widely used in the safety tests of household appliances, transformer, electrical equipments and components.

Performance characteristics

– Output power: AC(5kV/20mA), DC(6kV/10mA)
– Test voltage of IR: 0.10kV-1.00kV
– Test range of IR: 0.1MΩ – 9900MΩ
– Provide 4 channel (-S4), 8 channel (-S8) scan interface

– Contact check function
– 480×272 dot-matrix, TFT LCD display
– Rapidly discharging and arc detection
– Hold 20 testing steps; 4 testing modes selectable
– Brand new operation interface and concise interface operation design
– Lock keyboard
– Randomly set voltage rising time and testing time in 999.9 seconds
– Freely set waiting time for insulation resistance

Technical Parameter

Model TH9320-S4A TH9320-S8A
Withstanding Voltage Test
Output Voltage AC 0.05 —5.00kV ± (2% reading+5digits) , (50Hz、60Hz optional)
DC 0.05 —6.00kV ± (2% reading+5digits)
Voltage Adjustment Rate ≤ (1% – 5V)(rated power)
Current Test Range AC 0.000mA – 20.00mA ±(2% reading+2digits)
DC 0uA –10.00mA ±(2% reading+2digits)
Discharge Function Discharge after test ends(DCW)
Insulation Resistance Test
Output Voltage 0.10kV – 1.00kV ±(2%reading+2V)
Resistance Test Range 1MΩ– 9999MΩ
Resistance Test Accuracy 500V-1000V 1MΩ– 1000MΩ ±(5%reading+2digits) ;1000MΩ–9999MΩ ±(10%reading+2digits)
100V-500V 1MΩ– 1000MΩ ±(10%reading+2digits)
Discharge Function Discharge after test ends
Arc Detection
Measurement Range AC 1 – 9 levels (factory default 5)(20mA、18mA、16mA、14mA、12mA、10mA、7.7mA、5.5mA、2.8mA respectively)
DC 1 – 9 levels
General Specification
Memory 5 groups
Voltage Rising Time 0.1s – 999.9s
Test Time Setting(AC/DC) 0.2s – 999.9s
Waiting Time(IR) 0.2s – 999.9s
Time Accuracy ±(1%+0.1s)
Dimension(W×H×D) 280mm×89mm×428mm/10kg
Standard HANDLER, RS232, USBDRV(PC interface), USBHOST(USB port)
Scan Interface 4 channels 8 channels
Contact Check Function Yes

Additional information

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