E1 BER Tester SAT-1AS

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E1 BER Tester SAT-1AS

  • 5 inch LCD with backlight, the largest screen in the industry
  • Handheld, rugged design, easy to operation
  • Particular history and real-time LED indicator design, find troubles more clearly
  • Smart auto configuration feature
  • Alarm and Histogram analysis for troubleshooting
  • Multi-task operation at the same time
  • Store 20 test results and 9 test configurations, with power-off memory
  • Automatically power on/off testing by programmable timer
  • Powerful PC software supports download results to PC, data analysis, report generation, printing, etc.
  • Software updating

Key Functions

  • Normal testing
  • Pass through testing
  • Audio frequency testing

Applications for E1

  • Service-interrupted error testing
  • On-line service error testing
  • Framed and unframed signals generation and reception
  • 2Mbit/s unframed error performance testing
  • 2Mbit/s framed N×64Kbit/s channel error testing
  • Bit error, coding error, frame error, CRC error and E-bit error testing
  • Signal loss alarm, AIS alarm, framed remote alarm, multi-framed remote alarm, out-of-frame, and pattern loss alarm
  • Frequency offset transmitting
  • Voice channel signal level and frequency testing
  • Pattern slip testing
  • Pass through testing
  • Audio frequency testing
  • Voice monitoring
  • Signal state display, Voice channel content display, Voice channel busy / idle indication
  • Alarm and error histogram analysis
  • Time slot content analysis, drop and insert signal on each time slot
  • Framed content analysis
  • G. 821/G. 826/M. 2100 performance analysis
  • Multi errors and alarms inserting
  • Three input modes (terminating, bridging and monitoring)
  • Provides two clock options (internal and picking-up);

Additional information

Hãng SX


Technical Specifications

(1) Signal input rate: 2048Kbit/s ± 50ppm (G.703 requirement ±100ppm)

(2) Signal code: HDB3, AMI.

(3) Input jitter tolerance: G.823


(4) Input Impedance

Unbalance terminating: 75Ω; balance terminating: 120Ω

(5) Signal structure

(5.1) Unframed structure

(5.2) Framed structure: PCM30, PCM31, PCM30CRC, PCM31CRC, complied with G.704

(6) Testing pattern: 26-1, 29-1, 211-1, 215-1, 220-1, 223-1, and artificial code

(7) Error code insertion: Bit Error, Framed Error, Pattern Slip; None, Single, Ratio 10-1~10-7.

(8) Alarm insertion: No Signal, Frame Loss, AIS, Patten Loss

General Specifications

(1) Power supply

(1.1)Special power adapter

Input: AC220V 50Hz

Output: DC 9V 1.2A

(1.2)Internal rechargeable battery

4000mAh, 6V nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery

Working time: 8 hours

Charging: 8 hours at power-off state, and 12 hours at power-on state

(2) Dimension and weight

L×W×H: 220×162×48 (mm)

(3) Weight: 950g

(4) Ambient parameters

Operation temperature: -10~+50℃

Storage temperature: -30~+70℃

Humidity: 5%~90%, non-condensing

It is only for reference. The actual accessories and quantity are according to demand.

No. Item Qty.
1 SAT-1CS E1/Datacom Tester 1 pc
2 User Manual 1 pc
3 Attached disk 1 pc
4 Qualified Certificate of Products/Warranty Card


1 pc
5 Packing list 1 pc
6 75ΩBNC-J5 Test cable 1 pc

7 BNC-L9 Test wire 2 pcs


8 RS232 Serial Port wire 1 wire
9 Special Data Test Cable I(V.24, RS-485, EIA-530, EIA-530A) 1 pc
10 Special Data Communication Test Cable Ⅱ(RS-449, V.11) 1 pc
11 Special Data Communication Test Cable Ⅲ(X.21) 1 pc
12 Special Data Communication Test Cable Ⅳ(V.35) 1 pc
13 Switch Wire 1 pc
14 Power supply Adapter 1 pc
15 Portable bag 1 pc