Máy cắt băng keo tự động Ezmro RT-7700

Automatic tape dispenser RT-7700

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Automatic tape dispenser Korea RT-7700


Good match with any workplaces.
Two sensor can cut two tapes at the same time.
tape width: 6~60mm
tape length: 5~999mm
Can set-up the tape quantity what you desire to cut.
Can hold the tape roll, outer diameter up to 300mm
With Stand, you can use mega size tape.
Set-up the tape length for 6 different size in order. 6 pcs in a cycle.
Easy change for blade set, the most consumable part
No need to use tools and instruments for disassembling.
Easy maintainance and Easy repair.

A, Usable Tape:
3M tapes, Filament, Strong, Acetate Cloth, Glass Cloth, Double-Sided, Normex,
Pre-stick, Cellophane, Craft, Masking, Plastic, and more.
B, Usable Non-adhesive Material:
Protection Film, Paper Tape, Insulation Film, Aluminum Foil, Copper Foil etc


Tape Width: 6-60mm
Tape Length : 5-999mm
Usable Tapes: Acetate / Glass Cloth, Double-Sided, Normex, Filament, Kapton, Electric, and more.
Usable Non Adhesive Material: Protection Film, Aluminum / Copper Foil, Tube, Plastic Band, Magic Tape, ribbon, and more.
Feeding Speed: 200 mm /sec.
Max. Outside Dia. of Roll: 300mm
Accessories: Separator (for two rolls),Tweezers, Blade Oil
Power Requirement: 220-240V, 120V, 100V
Body Material: Anti-Static ABS
Dimensions & Weight: 116(W) x 140(H) x 213(D) mm 2.5Kg