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AMX for Maximum Process Control in the Finishing of Advanced Materials

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AMX floor standing machines are specifically designed for unique polishing, delayering and planarization applications where R&D, prototype and small volume processing is required.

These machines have the kinematics and control to allow development of processes that require precise material removal, flatness and surface finish generation. The menu-driven microprocessor control allows any polishing, delayering or planarization process to be fully optimized. And, for true CMP kinematics, the oscillation system provides 3-axis motion.

Product Description
Live sensor feedback with data capture makes the AMX responsive and capable of maximum process control. Easy to program complex recipes, this unit comes standard with program memory and networking capability.
Depending on the configuration, the AMX machines are excellent for Fine Grinding , Lapping or Polishing of Advanced Materials such as:
• Semiconductor (silicon, germanium, etc.)
• Compound Semiconductor (GaAs, GaN and InP, etc.)
• Electro-Optics (LiNbo3, BBO, etc.)
• Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Sapphire & Glass
• As well as CMP Polishing

Key Features
• Real-time spindle and pressure sensor feedback and data acquisition
• User friendly touch panel programmable Graphical Logic Controller
• Fully programmable pressure heads and tool spindles with program save and recall
• Accommodates platen sizes from 15” to 20”
• Integrated slurry dispensing system
• Totally enclosed, fully interlocked working area with easy-open doors
• Floating vacuum-actuated work holder
• Variable Speed Drive (VSDTM)
• Soft-Start Drive (SSDTM) – spin-up/spin-down feature avoids damage to polished components
• Precision cartridge spindle
• Heavy duty ribbed, cast work surface
• Rigid, welded steel base construction
• Corrosion resistant work area with oversize drain for cleanup
• Optional integrated in-process thickness control

AMX Fine Grinder AMX Lapper AMX Polisher
Platen Drive 25-250rpm, 3HP 3-120rpm, 3HP 3-120rpm, 3HP
Work Drive 5-150rpm, 1/8HP 3-100rpm, 1/12HP 3-100rpm, 1/12HP
Work force pressure 5-75 lbs 5-75 lbs 5-100 lbs
Work force pressure (optional high pressure) 10-200 lbs 10-200 lbs 10-250 lbs
Platen capacity 15" thru 21" ** 15" thru 21" ** 15" thru 19" **
Work oscillation Optional Optional Standard
Electrical 230VAC 230VAC 230VAC
Memory 10 recipes, I/O,
network capable
10 recipes, I/O,
network capable
10 recipes, I/O,
network capable