Máy mài lỗ CNC 3 trục FPM-3X

3 Axis Single-Pass Bore Finishing System (FPM-3X)

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Improves Geometry and Offers Flexibility when Finishing Large, Multiple Bore Hydraulic Valve Bodies

Manufacturers of large hydraulic valve bodies face a challenge aligning and finishing the bores once the bodies have been stacked.

Engis has designed a three axis single-pass bore finishing system to address this challenge. The FPM-3X enables bore finishing after stacking of the valves, which improves overall cylindricity and roundness. Improving the quality of the valve body itself results in better performance and less downtime in the field.

The FPM-3X can finish stacked valve body bores to a cylindricity of 2 microns and a diameter of +/- 1 micron, especially those with multiple bores of different diameters. To precisely locate the bore under the BT-40 spindle, the FPM-3X uses a wireless Renishaw CNC probe to establish bore location; position information is automatically translated into G-Code Coordinates.

This system also features full CNC controls with a Z-stroke of 750mm, an X-stroke of 1066mm and a Y-stroke of 100mm. The slide base can accommodate parts up to 3000 lbs. An 8-13 pocket automatic tool changer allows the machine to complete bores from rough to finish without operator involvement. Programming is done via standard G-Code.

The FPM-3X significantly reduces downtime by increasing flexibility. An operator can run one part and change over to another rather quickly. And, the Engis single-pass technology also offers greater control and accuracy versus conventional honing with expanding tools.

Better part quality, faster cycle times and quick change-overs are now possible thanks to the Engis FPM-3X.