Limited time offer for EMI pre-compliance test


SIGLENT  Promotion

Currently, Siglent is having a promotion for the spectrometer line of the same set of magnetic detectors SRF5030T, which will immediately receive a completely free EMI license.

1. Program duration: from September 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022

2. Promotion content: Buy spectrometers of the SSA3000X, SSA3000X Plus, SSA3000X-R, SVA1000X series and the SRF5030T magnetic probe set including (H20, H10, H5, E5)

EMI software includes EMI Filter, Peak Tuner and EMI test bandwidth settings. It also enables EMI test options which can also enable Siglents EasySpectrum test software.

Note: Promotion is only applied at Lidinco Website, customers who order at other Websites will not be able to apply this program.               

3. List of products applied in the program of SIGLENT:

  • SSA3000X Series: SSA3021X/ SSA3032X
  • SSA3000X Plus Series: SSA3015X Plus/ SSA3021X Plus/ SSA3032X Plus/ SSA3075X Plus
  • SSA3000X-R Series: SSA3032X-R / SSA3050X-R / SSA3075X-R
  • SVA1000X Series: SVA1015X / SVA1032X / SVA1075X

4. How to participate in the promotion

To order promotional products. You can contact Lidinco's sales staff through the following forms:

  • Chat directly through the chat function on the Website
  • Call to order
  • Order directly through the Website
  • Text or call Lidinco's Zalo number

Limited time offer for EMI pre-compliance test

Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzer Siglent SVA1075X 9kHz–7.5GHz


Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzers SVA1032X


SSA3075X-R Real-time Spectrum Analyzers 7.5GHz


Real-time Spectrum Analyzer Siglent SSA3032X-R 9kHz-3.2GHz


Spectrum Analyzers Siglent SSA3075X 7.5GHz


Spectrum Analyzers SSA3032X Plus


Spectrum Analyzers SSA3021X Plus


Spectrum Analyzer Siglent SSA3015X Plus 9kHz-1.5GHz


Spectrum analyzer Siglent SSA3021X, 9KHz ~ 2.1GHz


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