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Soldering iron for circuit boards is an indispensable tool for the electronics and automation technician. The main function of the soldering iron is to melt the points, solder on the circuit board, components. Then remove or attach components.

Things to consider before buying a soldering iron:


Soldering iron uses the energy provided to heat the innerspring wire. From there heat the tip of the soldering iron to get it going. Therefore, the capacity of soldering iron is the most important factor.

Soldering iron usually has an operating power of 20-100W. With a small capacity soldering iron will heat up faster. Large-capacity solders, on the other hand, are suitable for big soldering tips, fusing more efficient.


Soldering iron is usually composed of 2 parts, the tip part is made of heat-resistant alloy material and the handle is made of plastic or insulating material for the safety of users.

Besides, you should choose products with the core made from fiberglass or higher quality materials such as ceramic. Ability to increase life, avoid current leakage for the product. When choosing products for soldering components, microchips. You should note this point to consider the right material for your needs.


Soldering iron products are ESD-SAFE for higher efficiency. Help protect components, circuit board more safely.

Solomon Soldering Irons:

Lidinco specializes in providing all kinds of electronic components soldering Solomon brand. Products are widely used in UK, USA, Japan, France and are distributed by Lidinco in Vietnam. Contact us for free support or request a quote.